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Sapienza University is dedicated to a broad range of activities helping students and professionals acquire knowledge and improve their personal and professional capacities in the field of the international protection of human rights, refugees and their integration, and improving legal research and understanding of contemporary challenges related to international efforts in these fields.

Our University promotes a holistic approach to these issues and, in this context, the Department of Political Sciences plays a prominent role in educational and research activities for a better legal understanding of human rights under the leadership of Prof. Sergio Marchisio.


Prof. Marchisio and his team

Since 1979, Sergio Marchisio has been a Full Professor of International Law. He is Director of the 2nd level Master’s program in International Protection of Human Rights, the Multidisciplinary Training Course on Refugees and Migrants, and the High Level Training course on “Women, Peace and Security”. He is also a consultant legal expert to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has acted as an Italian delegate to various international conferences.

He has widely fostered the study of international law in relation to human rights protection, and has extended knowledge of and interest in these issues within the academic community and among several generations of young people.

Prof. Marchisio has promoted, directed and carried out several scientific research projects on international law issues, with particular emphasis on the protection of human rights and the environment. He has always favoured an integrated method in order to reach multidisciplinary results through a holistic methodology. Public and private institutions have given grants to various of his projects.

He is author of over 200 publications in legal journals, encyclopaedias and collected works, mostly peer-reviewed. He has contributed to over 180 scientific conference presentations.

His team is composed of post-doctoral researchers and PhD candidates, focusing their research and educational activities on a number of areas of international law.


The 2nd Level Master’s Program in International Protection of Human Rights

The II Level Master's Program in "International Protection of Human Rights" is promoted and organized by the Department of Political Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome under the direction of Professor Sergio Marchisio. It is aimed at students who have graduated in Political Sciences, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Humanities, and Oriental Studies.

The Master’s course lasts one year combining the theory and practice of human rights in a multidisciplinary way with the purpose of training and supporting future professional figures working in the field of human rights.

On the one hand, the program deals with the universal and regional systems for the  protection of human rights and the rules of procedure and implementation of the international conventions on human rights. On the other, the program addresses the principal issues in contemporary human rights law and policy-making.

The programme is unique in relating all the different aspects of human rights to better develop a critical and analytical understanding of the discipline, and in giving participants the opportunity to acquire essential skills for their future careers.

The teaching method consists of lectures from human rights academics and practitioners and includes specific seminars and events. Moreover, as part of the Master’s Program, participants attend the multidisciplinary training course on Refugees and Migrants.

Last, but not least, through the years, the programme has been designed and developed to introduce students from various backgrounds and with different professional interests to the general legal principles of human rights. Participants also follow a three-month internship with professional experience in the field. Organizations, such as the UNICRI, the UNHCR, The National Committee for Asylum Rights (Commissione nazionale per il diritto d'asilo), Italian Council for Refugees, Caritas Roma, Archivio Disarmo, the Institute for Internal Legal Studies (National Research Council), Unione Forense per la tutela dei diritti umani, and Associazione Antigone, offer various internships year on year.


The training course on Refugees and Migrants.

Founded in 1992, the multidisciplinary training course on Refugee and Migrants is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Political Sciences and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

In 2018, the Course is in its 25th year which demonstrates the success and widespread interest within the university community for an initiative which attracts more than 200 students every year.

In addition to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the diocesan Caritas of Rome and the Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) participate in the preparation of the educational offer.

The course is open to university students, legal professionals, NGO workers and anyone wishing to deal with the issue of the protection of refugees and migrants. The specific  aim is to provide participants with the necessary tools to understand and to acquire competences in the field of migration.

The methodology method of the Course is based on a multidisciplinary perspective which is essential for fully understanding such a complex phenomenon. The prevailing legal perspectives, national and international, are complemented, in a relationship of reciprocity and interaction, with the sociological and economic perspectives which permit the analysis the entire journey of migrants and asylum seekers, from the travelling to the reception and integration phases.

The Course provides a general overview of the national and international protection systems for refugees and migrants, and each year explores a specific topic of the field of migration and asylum. In 2018, the focus is on the theme of  the “Protection, Integration and Vulnerabilities of Refugees and Migrants.” (“Tutela, integrazione e vulnerabilità dei rifugiati e migranti”).


The High Level training Course on “Women, Peace and Security

The High Level training Course aims at preparing professionals who intend to operate in the context of war, crisis and post-conflict situations. For this first year, the course addresses the theme of “The Role of Women in Processes of Peace and Conflicts Mediation for the Protection of Human Rights”, and is organized in collaboration with the Associazione Consorti Dipendenti del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (ACDMAE).

The Course is open to university students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree but also to professionals who want to further develop the study of this topic. The educational offer of the course is based on a multidisciplinary perspective which is essential to fully understand the gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in the actions of the United Nations; the implementation of the Security Council resolutions on “Women, Peace and Safety”; the Third National Action Plan of Italy (2016-2019) on “Women, Peace and Security” in the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000).

The specific aim is to provide participants with the necessary tools to understand and to acquire competences in the fields of the protection of human rights, United Nations peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations, and the processes of mediation in crisis situations.

The course lasts one year, from January to December 2018. The teaching activity is structured in five modules with lectures, workshops, simulations and in-depth workshops. Speakers will include ambassadors and international figures who will give  lectures.

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