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Sapienza University is dedicated to a broad range of activities helping students and professionals acquire knowledge and improve their personal and professional capacities in the field of the international protection of human rights, refugees and their integration, and improving legal research and understanding of contemporary challenges related to international efforts in these fields.

Our University promotes a holistic approach to these issues and, in this context, the Department of Political Sciences plays a prominent role in educational and research activities for a better legal understanding of human rights under the leadership of Prof. Sergio Marchisio.


Prof. Marchisio and his team

Since 1979, Sergio Marchisio has been a Full Professor of International Law. He is Director of the 2nd level Master’s program in International Protection of Human Rights, the Multidisciplinary Training Course on Refugees and Migrants, and the High Level Training course on “Women, Peace and Security”. He is also a consultant legal expert to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has acted as an Italian delegate to various international conferences.

He has widely fostered the study of international law in relation to human rights protection, and has extended knowledge of and interest in these issues within the academic community and among several generations of young people.

Prof. Marchisio has promoted, directed and carried out several scientific research projects on international law issues, with particular emphasis on the protection of human rights and the environment. He has always favoured an integrated method in order to reach multidisciplinary results through a holistic methodology. Public and private institutions have given grants to various of his projects.

He is author of over 200 publications in legal journals, encyclopaedias and collected works, mostly peer-reviewed. He has contributed to over 180 scientific conference presentations.

His team is composed of post-doctoral researchers and PhD candidates, focusing their research and educational activities on a number of areas of international law.

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