II Level Master

The II Level Master's Program in "International Protection of Human Rights" is promoted and organized by the Department of Political Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome under the direction of Professor Sergio Marchisio. It is aimed at students who have graduated in Political Sciences, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Humanities, and Oriental Studies.

The Master’s course lasts one year combining the theory and practice of human rights in a multidisciplinary way with the purpose of training and supporting future professional figures working in the field of human rights.

On the one hand, the program deals with the universal and regional systems for the  protection of human rights and the rules of procedure and implementation of the international conventions on human rights. On the other, the program addresses the principal issues in contemporary human rights law and policy-making.

The programme is unique in relating all the different aspects of human rights to better develop a critical and analytical understanding of the discipline, and in giving participants the opportunity to acquire essential skills for their future careers.

The teaching method consists of lectures from human rights academics and practitioners and includes specific seminars and events. Moreover, as part of the Master’s Program, participants attend the multidisciplinary training course on Refugees and Migrants.

Last, but not least, through the years, the programme has been designed and developed to introduce students from various backgrounds and with different professional interests to the general legal principles of human rights. Participants also follow a three-month internship with professional experience in the field. Organizations, such as the UNICRI, the UNHCR, The National Committee for Asylum Rights (Commissione nazionale per il diritto d'asilo), Italian Council for Refugees, Caritas Roma, Archivio Disarmo, the Institute for Internal Legal Studies (National Research Council), Unione Forense per la tutela dei diritti umani, and Associazione Antigone, offer various internships year on year.

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