High Level Training Course on “Women, Peace and Mediation”

The High Level training Course aims at preparing professionals who intend to operate in situations of crisis, post-conflict situations and in the mediation of conflicts. The course addresses the theme of “The Role of Women in Peace Processes and the Mediation of Conflicts for the Protection of Human Rights”, and is organized in partnership with the Associazione Consorti Dipendenti del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (ACDMAE).

The Course is open not only to students but to professionals as well who have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree. The course is based on a multidisciplinary structure which is essential to fully understand the gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in the context of the United Nations activities, the implementation of the Security Council resolutions on “Women, Peace and Security” and more specifically resolution 1325 (2000) which is their cornestone, and the Third National Action Plan of Italy (2016-2019) on “Women, Peace and Security” in the implementation of the aforementioned resolution 1325.

The specific aim of the course is to provide to participants a deep insight in the fields of the protection of human rights, the United Nations peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations, and the processes of mediation in situations of crisis through the necessary tools to understand and to acquire the adequate competences.

The course lasts between 10 months and one academic year, from March to December. The teaching activity is structured in five modules with lectures, simulations and in-depth workshops. Speakers are academics, diplomats and international professionals and experts in international law, mediation of conflicts and peace processes.

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